Miwa Koizumi

Miwa Koizumi is a Japanese artist who studied both in Paris at Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts and in Tokyo at Tama Art University.  She later moved to New York to continue her work.

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In New York, her new home town, she became interested in the rubbish on the streets, whilst searching for artistic inspiration.  She came across a vast array of plastic bottles, made from PET –  polyethylene-teraphthalate, which she decided to use for her art.  Her work comprises of the recycled bottles, which she melts and creates translucent creatures that look remarkably like jelly fish.  In her craft, she uses tools such as heat guns and soldering irons, to transform the once mundane looking bottles, into her wondrous sea creatures.

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In 2008, Miwa exhibited her work at the ‘waste not, want not’ exhibition, at Socrates Sculpture Park in New York.  Her creations were displayed inside partially buried oil drums, lit from inside and then covered in clear perspex so they could be easily viewed by the public.

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Image result for miwa koizumi waste not want not



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